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Who Are You Doing It For?

I am a firm believer that you should always chase your dreams no matter how hard things may seem. The hardest thing for me is when I am doing the things, I know God want me to do, but it still is not going how I feel like it should go.

Maybe it’s just me but when God tell me to do something and I do it even when I don’t want to, I just feel like it should be smooth sailing. But that’s not how things ever go, and I am starting to realize that more and more.

I believe that sometimes God tests us by instructing us to do things just to see if when it gets hard and it’s not the outcome you expected will you still be obedient. Will you still be consistent and continue to obey God even when it looks pointless.

I have two examples of how God has tested me to see if I would give up or keep going and trust him. So, if you didn’t know I have been planning a conference titled “Are You Ready to Slay Your Goliath 2018.” God placed this in my heart a few years ago, but I kept saying it’s absolutely no way God wants me to have a conference. So, I tried to convince myself all the reasons I shouldn’t try to have a conference.

But when God has a plan and he wants you to do something he will continue to tug at your heart until its done. Once I started telling people about the conference everyone said it was a great idea and they will help me to make sure this conference happens. But as we get closer to the conference, which is December 7th and 8th, I have realized that tickets are not selling well at all. And I have found myself saying “God why would you want me to fail, why would you give me this vision and allow me to put my money and energy into this conference and the tickets not even selling.”

This is the same feeling I had about this blog. I always wanted to start a blog, but I was scared, but God put in my spirit that it was time to trust him and start my blog. So, I did just that! Since I started the blog each week the numbers of people that read my blog is decreasing. I put a lot of time and energy into my blog so the fact my number of viewers become lower each week is devastating.

One night I was praying about my conference and my blog, and I was saying things like “no one is going to show up for the conference, Basically I was questioning God.. And his response was “Who are you doing this for? If you only have one reader or one person at the conference would you still do it?”

God is testing us to see if we are doing things to get the attention of other people, are we doing things for the praise and the social media likes? Or are we truly trying to please God?

Don’t ever stopped doing anything because it isn’t going the way you expected it to go. If it was easy then everyone would be doing it. Don’t let God down by quitting because you didn’t get that many likes on Facebook or you didn’t get the views you wanted. Everything you do should be done to please God. People should not be a factor.

Even when things look like they are going bad just remember if it was something God told you to do then there is no way it will not succeed. God has a plan! So, no matter what things may look like just trust and follow God because he will never leave you astray.

~Simply Cee

Scripture- It is better to take refuge in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. ~Psalm 33:11

Song- I Will Follow ~Tasha Cobbs Leonard

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