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Standing Alone

Being in the company of people you love is very comforting and who doesn’t love to have a good time. If you know me then you know that I am very family oriented and I love to hang out with my family and friends. We don’t even need plans, just hanging out with my loved ones makes my heart smile.

But what I realized is sometimes the people you love can be your biggest distractions. When you are constantly busy with family and friends sometimes, we tend to put God on the back burner. We don’t neglect God on purpose it's just you have so much going on that you don’t give him the time he deserves.

As I have gotten older, I realized that sometimes God will take you away from your family and friends because he needs you to focus on him. I have also learned that when you have a lot going on and constantly on the go you can miss God’s voice and overlook the signs God’s trying to revile to you.

When God positions us to be alone, I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I don’t think He is saying we are doing anything wrong it's just simply he needs our undivided attention. He doesn’t need friends and family distracting us, so he moves us to a place where it’s just you and him.

Don’t get me wrong I'm not saying you will be lonely, but you will be alone technically speaking (no family, no close friends). This is not a punishment from God, so the purpose is not for you to be miserable.

I'll give you an example, when I moved back to Virginia after leaving Atlanta, I was really starting to get comfortable, I was enjoying my family, loved hanging out with my friends and I had a job. I was going to church and trying to spend time with God daily. Keyword.. Trying.

I was spending time with my family and hanging out with my friends so much that I wouldn’t even noticed I went all day and hadn’t spent time with God. Then one day would turn into two, then two days turned into three... you get the picture I was too busy hanging out and having fun that I wasn’t giving God his daily time.

I hated the job I was working and had been praying for something else, and then I received an opportunity to manage a store in Baltimore. I had never applied to the job, a friend from college gave his boss my resume and it went from there. So, when I was offered the position in Baltimore I was sure this was nothing but God..

I have family in Maryland and DC and I won’t be too far from Virginia, so I can visit often. It was perfect I felt like this move would have been great! The hiring manager called me back and said I might be going to Valdosta, Ga instead and I was like that’s far, but okay I will be in GA and I am familiar with Valdosta because I lived there for two years and one of my closest friends live there. Then the hiring manager called me back and said we need you to manage our store in Athens, Georgia.

ATHENS?! I didn’t even know there was an Athens GA!

This was the first time I left Virginia and it wasn’t for school, and I was moving by myself. This was a big deal my first apartment alone and again I didn’t know anyone or anything about Athens. But that was God’s point. God needed me to come to Athens to give him all my attention, he needed me to focus on him. When I got to Athens, I didn’t know anyone, but God didn’t want me to be lonely he just needed my attention. Not only did he put me at a job where I am surrounded by nice people, but he even put two people in my life who I know for a fact will be lifelong friends!

I learned so much about myself here in Athens, God has really help me deal with a lot of my insecurities, showed me how to love myself unconditionally and He has been molding me into something special since the day I got here. I know God need to work on me to prepare me for what’s to come and I just have to continue to trust in his promises.

God had a plan for me but being surrounded by my loved ones created a distraction and God couldn’t work on me. He needed me to be alone! Sometimes God has to pull us away in order to prepare us for what’s to come.

~Simply Cee

Scripture- But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. ~Matthew 6:33

Song- I'm Getting Ready ~Tasha Cobbs Leonard

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