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Reevaluate, Reset and Refocus

Have you ever felt like you were just going through the motions of life, but not actually living life? Does that make any sense? I mean you are aware of everything that is going on, but it just seems like you are here not really doing anything, but just existing?

I have found myself at this point several times. When I get to this point in life I know it's time for something to change. I know for a fact that God didn’t put me here on earth just to exist. I know that I have a purpose, and the longer I am just existing and not fulfilling my purpose in life I know I am not pleasing God.

So, when I start to feel overwhelmed and feel like I am just going through the motions of life, I know that it is time to refocus and get back on track. We spend so much time at work, school, tending to our family or children that we lose focus.

When you lose focus the Devil is pleased

With so much going on in life it is easy to get caught up and lose sight of what it is God want you to do in life. I have learned that when you start to feel overwhelmed and just lost or stuck its super important to seek and spend time with God.

God already knows the outcome to your life story so, why would you want anyone other than God to help you when you feel lost, stuck or confused.?

It’s so easy to get so caught up in your daily routine that you forget to spend daily time with God, and that’s a huge problem, because spending time with God is the most important ingredient to fulling your purpose in life.

If the only time you communicate with God is when you have a problem, or things are going bad then that’s not a relationship. As my mom would say “You out here trying to Pimp God.” God wants you to spend time with him regardless of what’s going on in your life.

When life seem like it’s just passing by, then it's time to reevaluate, reset and refocus on the things you need to do in life.

Revaluating requires spending time with God ,and asking him what it is you need to do to get back on track. Resetting requires taking some time to listen to God, and just be still (literally)! Consider shutting down for a few days, and having some you and God Time. Lastly refocusing require you to take those conversations you and God had while you were reevaluating and resetting and getting back on track while remembering what it is you are suppose to be doing in life.

The worse thing we want to happen in life is that we are just existing and not living out our purpose. It’s time to build relationships with God. Like I always say God is great and God is in you, so greatness is in you! So, lets reevaluate, reset, refocus and be great!

~Simply Cee

Scripture- But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. ~ Matthew 6:33

Song- Set a Fire~ Briana Babineaux

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