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Planning is something that I must do. I am not a very spare of the moment type of person. If I don’t plan to do something in advance, then more than likely I'm not going to do it. My friends know if they want me to go somewhere, they can’t call the day of and expect me to come I need to know things in advance.

That’s how I feel about life... And to be real honest things never go as planned when it comes to my life. I am 28 years old and I planned to be working in my career field, married, at least 3 kids by now and finished school with a master's degree.

Guess what... None of this has happened yet...

As, I get older I have to keep updating or changing my game plan and here is another moment of honesty... It has taken a toll on me... Every time I have to change my life plan, I get a little depressed because I feel like I have failed or I'm never going to get where I want to be in life. Then I look at the people around me and it seems like they have their lives together or at least they have what I want. And that never makes me feel any better.

But what I have learned is the reason I have to keep changing my game plan is not because I am failing at life, but the actual problem is... it's MY game plan. It’s a plan that I came up with.

It's not God’s plan for my life.

No matter how many times I change my plan if it doesn’t align with the plan God has for my life then it will never work. What I want for my life may not be what God has planned for me. See the thing is when we make life goals sometimes, we think small. God has a plan for my life and I know it’s a lot bigger than I can ever imagine.

But I have to stop trying to plan my own life and let God lead the way.

We have to stop trying to plan how we want our lives to go because all we’re doing is causing unnecessary heartache and depression. The only plan we need in life is to follow God! It's okay not knowing the answer to what's next because God has all the answers and if we are pleasing God everything else will fall into place.

God knows the outcome of our lives and I believe sometimes he don’t reveal the end goal because if he told us everything and we knew how things would play out how hard would we work to get it?

God has a plan for your life and what's for you is waiting for you and the only thing that holding you back is YOU... By trying to make your own plan you’re only delaying your destiny. Let God be God and stop getting in your own way!

~Simply Cee

Scripture- For I know the plan I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future. ~Jeremiah 29:11

Song- What God has for me ~The Miami Mass Choir

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