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It’s Time To Lift Each Other Up!

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Encouragement. Uplifting. Support. These are words that I feel like are lacking in the world today. With social media taking over it’s easy for people to put down, hate on and be jealous of each other. But what I never understood was why put each other down when it’s so much easier to support each other.

God made us all uniquely different with all different kinds of talents. So, the greatness that’s in you was given by God, and the blessings that God has for you, no one can ever take them away. So why not support and encourage others, because their success will not stop you from being successful. The thing that people don’t realize is that when the people around you are receiving blessings that just means your blessings are on the way. Sometimes you just have to be patient and be happy for others until your time comes!

Jealously is a monster and it will delay your blessing every time.

If you are jealous or envious of someone because they are doing things that you are not doing, then you really should sit back and reevaluate yourself. When greatness and great things happen to the people around us we should be just as happy as if it was our own blessing. It really shouldn’t be hard to be happy for other people’s success and blessings.

Let's take this a step further when the people around you have dreams and goals you should always encourage them in every possible way. I didn’t use the word friend on purpose, because I don’t think you should only encourage your friends.

Encouragement is free, and everyone needs to be encouraged sometimes, not only the people you consider your friends.

The sad thing is with this generation everyone is trying to outdo the next person. Instead of just focusing on what they need to do to be great. People are on social media comparing themselves and their success to other people when they don’t even know what it took for these people to get where they are.

When you are comparing yourself to other people you can’t be happy for them, because now you are competing with them.

When you’re comparing yourself to someone your focus is, ‘what do I have to do to be better than that person’ ,But when you're not comparing yourself to others you would be happy for them and their success, and it would motivate you to start doing the things you need to do in life to be great. There is enough greatness for everyone. So, let’s all work together and turn this world full of jealousy, hate and envy into a world where people encourage and support each other's hopes and dream. I am a firm believer that when you put out positivity you receive positivity.

My prayer is that everyone who reads this blog will be inspired to encourage someone! If you ever need some encouragement just know that I am rooting for you, because I know we are all destined for greatness! So, let’s be great!

                 ~Simply Cee

Song- Lean on Me ~Bill Withers

Verse- For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “love your neighbor as yourself.” If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other. ~ Galatians 5:14-15

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