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I Forgive You..

For years I was the type of person to hold grudges. I felt like when someone did me wrong, they deserved to get their feelings hurt the same way mines were hurt. You do me wrong I do you wrong, right!? Isn't that the saying an eye for an eye?

As I got older, I realized holding grudges is petty and childish.

I realized that being upset with someone for something they did requires a lot more energy than letting it go. Just imagine if God stayed upset with you when you did something wrong! God would be mad at everyone all the time!

I have learned that in life when you hold on to things it doesn’t make the situation any better. When you hold on to things it actually can make you a bitter person. When you see the person that has done you wrong, and you still haven't forgave them, sometimes just seeing that person could ruin your day. When you are holding a grudge with someone, they have the potential to control your attitude. And who wants to give anyone that much power?

Being upset and holding grudges is exhausting.

Over the years I have learned that sometimes you have to forgive people even when they don’t know they did you wrong. For example, my father likes to drink alcohol and that’s fine, but the problem is growing up I felt like he loved drinking more than he loved me. As I got older, I realized that my dad was only a part of my life, but he wasn’t active in my life if that makes any sense.

I saw my dad often, but majority of the memories I have of my dad was him being drunk. The thing is I love my dad a lot and honestly, I always wanted that father daughter relationship, but he preferred to drink which caused him to be present in my life instead of being active in my life.

A few years ago, my dad went to rehab and he was sober, and this was one of the best times of my life. I actually enjoyed being around my dad. We talked often, he had a plan and I was willing to do any and everything to help him. My dad is amazing when he is sober, and actually that was the first time in my whole life I could remember my dad being sober! And I enjoyed every sober second we spent together.

But that was short lived.

They day my dad got out of the rehab he got a drink and when I called him, he was drunk! I was heartbroken, and I was so angry with him. He let me down, he broke his promise.. And again I felt like drinking was more important than anything to him. I was mad with my dad for over a year and he never really knew.

But I forgave him... And after I let it go, I felt much better.

My motto in life is to let go and let God handle it. It’s so much easier being happy and not holding on to things. Forgive and let God deal with the situation. The most important thing about forgiveness is knowing that once you forgive someone you can’t bring it back up or continue to throw it in their face! When you forgive you're letting it go completely!

So forgive, let go, let God handle it, be happy and enjoy life because life is too short to be upset and hold on to grudges!

~Simply Cee

Scripture- Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgive one another, as God in Christ forgave you. ~Ephesians 4:32

Song- Forgiveness ~Matthew West

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