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Beautifully Distracted

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Two years ago, I decided I was really going to get my life together. I said it was time for me to focus on what I wanted to achieve in life. I trusted God and moved to Atlanta to pursue my dreams as a journalist. I had a plan, I was supposed to move to Atlanta, get my dream job, start my blog and eventually start writing books.

But of course, things never go as planned.

So, when I got to Atlanta I was living with one of my brothers' close friends, he let me stay in his house rent free, and introduced me to some amazing people who were working in the journalism field. However, getting a job was still a hard task, but I continued to look for a job, and I had just started my first semester in graduate school. So I had a full plate! A few months went by and I still didn’t have a job, so I decided to go back to Virginia for the holidays. My new plan was before school started back up in January, I would move back to Atlanta and continue looking for my dream job, start my blog and be on the dean's list for the second semester in a row.

But then it happened! I got distracted... Beautifully distracted I must say...

6’3, brown skin, nice smile and muscles.  I met him at a game night my best friend was having at her house, and the following weekend he had my number. We talked all day and night for weeks, which was fine, because I was out of school for the holidays, and I hadn’t moved back to Atlanta yet, so I had a lot of spare time. But what happened was I lost focus of my plan.

Let me tell y’all something about me, I have always felt ugly and fat, so when he wanted to talk to me I was shocked, because he was fine!!! Then he spoke to every single one of my insecurities, he told me daily how beautiful I was, and he constantly made me feel wanted. I mean he really made me feel like a princess.

So, I changed my plan.. Again..

I got a job in Virginia and I postponed Atlanta. All because I had this guy in my life and he had all my attention... I mean ALL my attention. I even stop focusing on school, which resulted in me failing one of my classes. I have never failed a class before, But I also had never met someone like him! School and Atlanta were not the only things that I lost sight of. I stopped spending time with God, I would choose to be with my boo instead of reading my word. I was giving him every second of my time outside of work. And I am here to tell you, “God is a jealous God, and when you are not doing things according to his plan he will put an end to it.”

Needless to say, that our relationship ended abruptly.

 God had placed in my heart to have a conference in 2016, he placed in my heart to start my blog in 2016, he placed in my heart to go to Atlanta and chase my dreams. But the devil knew exactly how to distract me. For me feeling wanted by a man was a easy distraction and The devil knew that! He knew the only way to stop or delay me from doing what God wanted me to do was by distracting me. This guy made me feel whole, he made me feel pretty and he made me feel wanted. But he never did anything to help me achieve my life goals...  

He was just a beautiful distraction!

But, what I know now is that I have to feel pretty, whole and wanted without a man. The only man that should ever fill me up and make me feel complete is God. See when this guy walked into my life I lost sight of what it was I was supposed to be doing. I took my eye off my target, and it has caused some great delays in my life. I even missed an opportunity to work at a big media company in Atlanta, because I was focused on the wrong things.

All I'm saying is when you have a plan stick to it. Don’t allow anyone or anything to distract you from fulfilling your dreams and goals. And, whatever you do don’t ever get so caught up that you lose sight of God. The good thing is even when we get distracted or get side tracked from our plan, God always find a way to get us back on track.

Never forget Plans are made on purpose and if it's a plan that’s approved by God, the devil will purposely try to distract you. So, if you are reading this and you realize something, or someone has you distracted, and you have lost sight of your original life plan ,or you have lost sight of God, then it's time to refocus and get back to the game plan, because it's not too late.

~Simply Cee

Song- Doves Eyes ~Tasha Cobbs

Verse- No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

~1 Corinthians 10:13

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