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Well, I thought it would be fitting to start off my blog by just giving a little insight on what this blog will be about, what everyone can expect from this blog and why do I even want to start a blog.

So, a lot of people may think I am a private person which is somewhat true I only tell people what I am comfortable talking about and I think that’s how everyone operates. No one is going to just sit around and tell people what's going on in their life.. Right?! I mean unless they really don’t have any friends.. lol.. But I feel like a lot of the things I have held back and not told people may actually help them. I have been through a lot at the age of 28 and I feel like maybe my situations can help someone.

Basically, the point of this blog is just to encourage people and let everyone know that God can literally bring you out of anything. I wanted to start this blog now because God has been doing somethings in my life and I feel like I should share it just to encourage and maybe even inspire some people. I plan to be an open book in this blog because I feel like as long as I am honest and transparent I can really help someone. I am still a work in progress and God is still working on me daily, but I think the things I have been through and how I overcame it can help someone who is in the same or a similar situation.

I know some people reading this might feel like why "All of a Sudden" do you want to write a blog that will come from a Christian perspective when you are not even a perfect Christian. Well that’s the point, I'm not perfect I'm human, but I do know for a fact that every situation I have been in I couldn't have made it through without God. I did stray away for a while for many reasons which will be addressed in my blog, but at the end of the day I found my way back and this time I'm not taking any more detours. I know exactly where my loyalty lies and that's with God..

I realized that the world is not fulfilling, and I must find my purpose in life. I know that some of my actions were not aligning with what God has called me to do in life, so I felt like I had to make a change. And to be honest if you're judging me right now I really don’t care... At all... I think maybe I shouldn't have titled this "All of a Sudden" because a better title would have been " It's about Time"… I pray that my blogs will encourage, inspire and motivate people... I hope everyone is excited and ready to take this journey with me! And who knows it might make someone want to give God a try...

Every blog I write I will end with a scripture and a song... Just a fair warning sometimes the songs will not be Gospel the songs will be based on how I felt when I was writing... Also, these are my experiences and my life story so if you feel any type of way about the things I say then that's your problem..

~Simply Cee

Scripture- For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose. ~Philippians 2:13

Song- I'll be the one- Briana Babineaux

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